When Mother's Day Hurts...

When Mother's Day Hurts...

There she was, yearning for the conflict her teenage son once offered her empty home. There she was, wondering what her place was with her new grandchildren. There she was, hoping for the IVF cycle to go smoothly. There she was still contemplating whether to make the call to her mother after years of anger. And there he was longing for one last meal with his deceased mother. Life is full of emotions. Sadness. Anger. Disgust. Surprise. Guilt. Fear. All of these are normal and universal. Though you’re not alone there’s a sense of solitude when it comes to this time of year.

 Our unmet needs as children, mothers, grandmothers, or mothers yet to be, may become overwhelming. Especially if you are flooded with images of the “perfect Mother’s Day” on your social media feed, it can get you down if yours doesn’t seem as “perfect.”

Whether you’re enduring infertility, overwhelmed by your new baby, or struggling with new family dynamics, instead of resisting, blocking or suppressing your emotions, try using mindfulness to manage your Mother’s Day anxiety.

Mindfulness is the practice of purposely brining one’s attention in the present moment without judgement (“mindful.org/what-is-mindfulness/”). Try these strategies:

·        Observe your emotions, be gentle with yourself in doing so.

·        Allow yourself all the feelings as a result of the holiday. You may not able to control what you see on your feed or those extra happy ads, but you can validate how the make you feel. 

·        Don’t try to push away your emotion or amplify it. Meet yourself where you are in the moment and grieve at your own pace.

·        Remember, you are not your emotion. You may be the host of these feelings but you are only experiencing them as a wave coming and going.

·        Nurture yourself with compassion. Allow yourself activities that fill your cup and recharge your battery.

I encourage any person reading this to reach out and seek support if you are struggling with unresolved grief and anxiety. There is hope and healing.  Know that you are not alone and mental health professionals are there to help.

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